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BellCon offers a comprehensive range of products that focus on various aspects of cash handling and management.

BellCon Banknote Counters

BellCon offers a range of advanced banknote counters, each designed to cover different needs in cash handling and management. The key products in this category include the BellCount S515, S515F, and V2510.

BellCount C410

BellCount V2510

BellCount S515

BellCount S515F

BellCon Banknote Detectors

BellCon offers banknote detectors designed to verify the authenticity of banknotes, ideal for use in various business environments. Our key product in this category is the Evision 5.

Evision 5

BellCon - Coin sorters

BellCon's coin sorting solutions, specifically the BellCoin CS300, represent our commitment to providing efficient and reliable cash handling equipment. The BellCoin CS300 is a standout product in our lineup, designed for efficient and accurate sorting and counting of euro coins.

BellCoin CS300

BellCon UV Lamps

BellCon's long tradition of manufacturing UV lamps, known for their high quality and effectiveness, today has resulted in a product range that includes different versions designed for various purposes in verifying security features of banknotes and other security documents.




BellCon - Other products

BellCon's range of "Other Products" in the cash handling equipment category includes a variety of tools and devices designed to complement our main offerings of banknote counters, detectors, and coin sorters. These products are tailored to enhance the overall product efficiency and performance.





ED40 and ED50


BellCon Pen

Banknote Counters

These machines are designed to accurately count banknotes, enhancing efficiency in environments where large volumes of cash are handled. BellCon's banknote counters come equipped with advanced technologies like dual-CIS image scanning systems, fitness sorting capabilities, and automatic currency selection, making them suitable for a diverse range of international currencies.

Banknote Detectors

To combat the prevalence of counterfeit currency, BellCon offers sophisticated banknote detectors. These devices use various detection methods, including ultraviolet, infrared, magnetic, and more, to verify the authenticity of banknotes. Models like the Evision 5 represent the latest in this technology, boasting user-friendly operations and compact designs.

Coin Sorters

BellCon's coin sorters, like the BellCoin CS300, are engineered for fast and reliable counting and sorting of coins. These machines are ideal for retail businesses and other environments where coin transactions are frequent. They offer robust construction and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring long-term reliability and ease of use.

UV Lamps

An essential tool in the fight against counterfeit money, BellCon’s UV lamps are used to detect various security features in banknotes and documents. Models like the MT9-LED and MT21 employ ultraviolet light for this purpose, with some models also featuring white light sources for additional security checks.

Other Products

This category includes a variety of auxiliary products that complement the primary cash handling equipment. Items such as the BellCon Pen for counterfeit detection, thermal printers for transaction recording, and external displays for enhanced visibility of counting results are part of this category. These products are designed to integrate seamlessly with BellCon's main offerings, providing a complete solution for cash handling needs.

Overall, BellCon’s product range is characterized by its high quality, reliability, and user-friendly designs. Our products are used in various sectors, including banking, retail, hospitality, and public administration, reflecting their versatility and adaptability to different market needs.