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BellCon Banknote Detectors

BellCon offers banknote detectors designed to verify the authenticity of banknotes, ideal for use in various business environments. Our key product in this category is the Evision 5.

BellCon's banknote detectors have a long tradition. The Evision 5 is the result of years of experience. Compact design, modern technology and the market's easiest operation are key words for this high-performing device.

Evision 5

  • New generation banknote detector
  • Uncomplicated one-button operation
  • Updateable by memory card
  • Super-compact design

Advanced banknote verification with bellcon evision detectors

To address the growing challenge of counterfeit currency, BellCon has developed sophisticated banknote detectors. These detectors employ a variety of advanced methods to ensure the authenticity of banknotes, safeguarding businesses and financial institutions against fraud.

Cutting-edge detection technologies

BellCon's banknote detectors utilize a range of technologies such as ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), and magnetism detection. These methods are crucial for identifying the unique security features embedded in genuine banknotes. UV detection highlights invisible fluorescent marks, IR technology scans for hidden patterns, and magnetism sensors detect hidden magnetic properties, making the detection process thorough, fast, and reliable.

Evision 5: leading the way in banknote verification

The Evision 5 model stands out with its state-of-the-art features. It exemplifies the latest advancements in cost-efficient detection technology, combining multiple methods in one compact unit. This model is renowned for its extreme ease of use, incorporating a user-friendly operation that require minimal training, making it accessible to all levels of staff in various business environments.

User-friendly design for efficient operation

In addition to advanced detection capabilities, BellCon’s banknote detectors are designed for convenience and efficiency. Their compact designs fit easily in various workspaces, from small retail counters to large financial institutions. The intuitive one-button operation of these detectors ensures quick and hassle-free operation, enabling staff to authenticate banknotes swiftly and accurately.

Our commitment to combatting counterfeit currency is evident in the design and functionality of the banknote detectors. These devices are essential tools for any cash-handling business, providing peace of mind through secure and reliable banknote verification.

For more information on the BellCon banknote detectors and their capabilities, please contact us.