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BellCon Banknote Counters

BellCon offers a range of advanced banknote counters, each designed to cover different needs in cash handling and management. The key products in this category include the BellCount S515, S515F, and V2510.

Banknote counters from BellCon are designed to cover versatile needs in cash handling and management. The key products cover basic counting machines over high-performance multi-pocket value counters to fitness sorting machines.

BellCount C410

  • Stylish high-quality multicurrency banknote counter
  • Very easy and logical to use
  • Batch counting and add function
  • Integrated carrying handle

BellCount S515

  • State-of-the-art banknote counter with sorting functions
  • Automatic currency selection
  • Advanced dual-CIS image scanning system
  • Banknote serial number recognition

BellCount V2510

  • Advanced, high-quality multicurrency banknote counter
  • Value counting of mixed denomination banknotes
  • Automatic currency selection
  • Full touch screen operation

BellCount S515F

  • State-of-the-art banknote counter with fitness sorting
  • Automatic currency selection
  • Advanced dual-CIS image scanning system
  • Banknote serial number recognition

Bellcon banknote counters: revolutionizing cash handling machines with cutting-edge technology

Advanced dual-cis technology in banknote counting

BellCon's banknote counters are meticulously designed to bring efficiency and accuracy to environments where handling large volumes of cash is a daily routine. The incorporation of advanced dual-CIS image scanning systems ensures that each banknote is thoroughly analyzed. This technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the precision of counting and detecting banknotes, making BellCon's machines exceptionally reliable for a variety of banknote handling tasks.

Enhancing cash handling with fitness sorting capabilities

The top-of-the-range banknote counters from BellCon include a fitness sorting capability. This function sorts banknotes based on their physical condition, effectively separating worn or damaged notes from those in better condition. Such sorting is vital for financial institutions in maintaining the quality of currency in circulation. This feature is particularly beneficial for preparing banknotes for ATM machines or recirculation, streamlining the entire cash handling process.

Uninterrupted, user-friendly counting with automatic currency selection

Our banknote counters stand out for their continuous ability to handle a wide range of currencies, thanks to their automatic currency selection feature. This makes them perfectly suited for businesses such as financial institutions, foreign exchange, international airports, casinos, and tourist centers. The seamless transition between different currencies underlines the versatility and user-friendliness of these counters, marking them as indispensable tools in international cash handling operations.

By integrating state-of-the-art technology with ergonomic design, BellCon's banknote counters not only assure accuracy and efficiency but also fits into all business settings. They are indispensable in industries where high volumes of cash transactions are the norm, ensuring a secure and efficient cash handling experience.

For more detailed information on BellCon's range of banknote counters and their innovative features, please contact us.