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BellCon UV Lamps

BellCon's long tradition of manufacturing UV lamps, known for their high quality and effectiveness, today has resulted in a product range that includes different versions designed for various purposes in verifying security features of banknotes and other security documents.



BellCon offers versatile, high quality UV lamps designed to cover different needs in security document validation. The key product in this category is the MT9-LED.


  • Automatic, professional UV lamp
  • Uses ultra violet light to detect various security features
  • Easy authenticity check of banknotes and other documents
  • Equipped with 3 high-intenisity UV-A LEDs

Enhancing document security with bellcon's UV lamps

BellCon's UV lamps play a pivotal role in the verification of banknotes and the authentication of security documents. Utilizing ultraviolet light, these lamps are designed to reveal hidden security features, making them indispensable tools in the security and cash handling sectors.

Advanced ultraviolet detection technology

At the core of our UV lamps is state-of-the-art ultraviolet light sources. This technology is crucial for illuminating the special inks and fibers that are invisible under normal light but fluoresce under UV light. This feature is particularly effective in revealing security markings on banknotes, passports, and other security documents, providing an essential layer of security against counterfeit attempts.

Energy saving technology

Selected BellCon UV lamps come with automatic power-on technology. This feature not only saves energy and enhances the life-time of the lamp, but it also simplifies the operation of the UV lamp. No more forgetting to switch power off; MT9-LED will automatically power off after usage.

Versatile applications in multiple industries

BellCon's UV lamps are not only limited to verifying banknotes but are also versatile in their applications across multiple industries. They are widely used in financial institutions, retail, hospitality, law enforcement, and border control agencies. Their ease of use and effectiveness make them suitable for any environment where validating the authenticity of documents and currency is crucial.

BellCon's UV lamps represent the company's commitment to providing advanced security solutions. By integrating cutting-edge technology into their products, BellCon ensures that businesses and institutions are equipped with the necessary tools to protect themselves against the risks associated with counterfeit documents and banknotes.

To explore the full range of BellCon's UV lamps and understand their features in more detail, please contact us.