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BellCon Pen

The BellCon Pen is the classic, simple and fast counterfeit banknote detector tool. The pens come in a blister 5-pack at a very affordable price. 

The BellCon Pen is the ideal, convenient, portable tool you can use at any location to verify the genuineness of banknotes.

Use the pen to make a small mark on the banknote. For the best result, chose a place on the banknote with as little printing as possible.

If the ink mark turns into a bright, transparent yellow color, the banknote has passed the test and is likely genuine.

If the ink mark turns dark, the banknote has failed the test and may be counterfeit.

The BellCon Pen works with practically all non-polymer banknotes, it is very easy to work with and comes at an affordable price.

Please note: Detection accuracy using the BellCon Pen depends on the subjective decision of the cashier.

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