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BellCon ED550 is an external dual-sided LED display specially designed for the BellCount V2510, S515 and S515F banknote counters.

ED550 is the external display to be used with the BellCount V2510, S515 and S515F.

ED550 is a dual-sided multi-line external LED display. It is ideal as customer monitor, extra operator monitor, and for surveillance camera purposes.

The front side of ED550 presents the number of banknotes counted in a huge and bright 4-digit display. The height of the digits is an astounding 30 mm. The amount value is shown in an 8-digit display (14 mm height).

The back side uses 4 digits for the number of banknotes counted, 4 digits for the number of rejected banknotes, and 8 digits for the amount value. The height of the digits is 14 mm.

A LED will blink when rejected banknotes are present.

The design is compact, discreet and versatile. Due to the vertical design, the footprint is very small. You can turn the device to adapt to the customer/operator information needs.

Front dimensions: 152 x 118 mm.

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