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MT9 / MT9F

MT9 and MT9F are equipped with an energy efficient 9 Watt UVA tube and comes in two versions; (MT9F) with foot and (MT9) without foot.

When a banknote or a security document is placed under the UV light, the hidden document UV security features will light up in visible bright colors, very easy to see for the human eye. 

MT9 and MT9F are made from high quality materials. The MT9F footprint is small, which makes it very easy to place in any modern shop or office environment.

Please note: Detection accuracy using UV lamps depends on the subjective decision of the cashier. 

MT9 / MT9F is ideal for use at: small and large retail shops, gasoline stations, hotels, casinos, restaurants, bars, kiosks, passport and ticket control, etc.

UV light source 9 W UVA tube
White light source No
Power supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz (plug-in unit)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
19 x 5 x 3,75 cm (MT9)
19 x 8,25 x 8,5 cm (MT9F)
0,94 kg (MT9)
1,1 kg (MT9F)
Packing information 25 pieces

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