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Back in the early nineties, BellCon was founded on the idea that the knowledge from our years as a manufacturer of domestic lighting could be translated into the development of superior high quality UV lamps for banknote detection.

It all started with UV lamps

For more than 30 years, BellCon has been a trusted partner at the forefront of innovation in the global cash handling business. This has only been possible because we believe in what we are doing and because the market has believed in us over the years, trusting BellCon to deliver solutions that are both original and reliable.

From the very early days, our focus has been on the requirements of the markets and our philosophy has always been to introduce products that not only deliver what the market requires, but which are also well designed, intuitive and pleasant to use. Simply speaking, our ergonomic Danish designs make users enjoy working with a BellCon product.


BellCon founded
The first MT series UV lamp product launched.



Development and market introduction of the first electronic US dollar detector called SuperVision.


The compact SuperVision MB series US dollar detector introduced to the market.



Research and development of an euro detection device.


The euro currency is introduced
BellCon launch the Evision DT detector for euro



Launch the first banknote counting and sorting machines.


Participation in the first meeting of the Central Bank Cash Machine Group (CBCMG).



Launch of the first multicurrency detector called SuperVision mc. Part of the production gradually outsourced


Close cooperation with Asian partner to develop the next generation multicurrency detector



Next generation Evision development started in cooperation with partner.


The Evision 4D euro detector launched.



Multicurrency detector SuperVision mc2 launched
Market introduction of the BellCount series of banknote counters


First BellCount 1½ pocket banknote counter with CIS technology launched



The Evision SD detector launched


Introduction of the BellCount S515 1½ pocket banknote counter with dual-CIS technology. BellCon celebrate 25th anniversary.



BellCon enters the market of coin sorting with the BellCoin CS300.


Launch of the BellCount S515F 1½ pocket banknote counter with fitness sorting functions



The new one pocket dual-CIS BellCount V2510 banknote counter presented


The super-compact Evision 5 detector launched



- BellCon celebrates 30 years in business
- New automatic UV lamp MT9-LED launched

Starting with high quality UV lamps and moving quickly to world class electronic desk top detectors, which could do what no other device could do at that time – catching the very best counterfeits, called “Super dollars”. This ground breaking work done by BellCon, resulted in global interest and made the company and our products synonymous with quality and innovation in many countries across the world.

As technology develops and market demand changes, so does our product range, and in recent years BellCon has grown into a one-stop-shop supplier, initially by offering banknote counters and sorters to compliment our range of detectors and most recently, BellCon has even ventured into the coin sorting segment.

So today, BellCon offers a wide range of essential equipment for meeting the cash handling requirements of the majority of users in a modern world, where focus is on efficiency and where only reliable and well designed solutions will be accepted. Our craft has been honed over the years, where we have constantly improved our position, by learning from the past and looking into the future to ensure that BellCon remains on the forefront of innovation and market requirements.

Looking forward to the next quarter of a century, BellCon will continue this mission together with our global network of trusted distributors, which rely on and expect that we continue with our product philosophy as well as maintaining our market leading focus on commercial and technical support.

We are proud to say that we have long-lasting relationships with our distributors, who appreciate our way of doing business, based on mutual respect and a genuine dedication to making each other better and more successful.

  Company and product presentation

Partnership and product value

BellCon continues to expand its global network of suppliers and strategic partners to offer superior quality products at competitive prices for the benefit of our distributors.

We are very user-oriented and service minded in our approach to doing business and we are always asking ourselves how we can improve and provide even better support for our distributors.

Putting a BellCon label on a product is not something we take lightly and much more we see it as our ultimate commitment to excellent quality and support.

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