UV lamps
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MT22 is a high quality conventional UV detector.

It uses ultraviolet light to detect various fluorescence banknote security features. MT22 is also equipped with white light to detect watermarks and security threads etc.

MT22 is a simple and cost effective device for determining the authenticity of banknotes and other documents.

MT22 is equipped with two 6 Watt UVA tubes and one 6 Watt white light tube.

Please note: Detection accuracy using UV lamps depends on the subjective decision of the cashier. 

It is ideal for use at: Small and large retail shops, gasoline stations, hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos, passport and ticket control, etc.




UV light source
2 x 6W UVA tubes
White light source6 W white tube
Power supply
230 V / 50 Hz (plug-in unit)
Dimensions23,75 x 10 x 12 cm
1,43 kg
Packing information14 pcs.


MT22 UV Lamp