SuperVision mc2 multicurrency banknote detector
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SuperVision mc2 is a premium, semi-automatic multicurrency banknote detector with value counting. It has a unique and outstanding design with easy-to-use vertical banknote feeding and multifunction button operation.

It comes with euro, Bristish pound and US dollar banknote detection as standard and handles up to 12 different currencies of your choice. Installation of additional currencies and detection software upgrade is easy to perform via the USB interface.

The device has time saving currency auto switching; no need to select the currency manually. Banknotes can be fed in all four horizontal orientations. Counting results can be printed on an external printer (optional).

The future oriented sensor technology is state-of-the-art and includes reflection/absorption multi-wavelength IR, RGB colour, magnetism, size and thread sensors.

It is ideal for use at: Banks, post offices, currency exchange offices, trade centres, large retail shops, hotels, casinos, etc.



Multiple wavelength IR absorption and reflection sensor technology, combined with size, magnetism, colour (RGB) and thread sensors
CountingAccepted notes, total value and detailed report
Available currencies
Contact BellCon
Max. installed     currencies12 (depends on currency mix)
Software/detection upgrade
Yes (by USB interface)
Feeder systemManual
Transport system
Detection/counting speedMore than 2 notes per second
Banknote orientations
Currency upgradeYes (by USB interface)
Stacker capacity
100 notes, orderly packed
Power supply
100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz (external adapter)
Power consumption
Max. 10 W (operation)
Max. 1 W (sleep)
30,3 x 18,7 x 11,5 cm
1,46 kg
Packing information
6 pcs.


SuperVision mc2 Multi currency banknote detector




 SuperVision mc2 Datasheet (English)

 SuperVision mc2 User's Manual (English)