SuperVision mc multi currency banknote detector
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SuperVision mc

*** Available in UAE only ***


SuperVision mc is a semi-automatic multicurrency banknote detector with value counting. It has a unique and outstanding design with easy-to-use vertical banknote feeding. 

It comes with euro and US dollar currency as standard and handles up to 8 different currencies of your choice. Local currencies can easily be upgraded by customized software upgrade. The US dollar detection includes US dollar banknotes from before 1988.

SuperVision mc uses state-of-the-art detection technology including UV-, multi-wavelength IR and colour-, magnetic-, laser- and thread-sensors. 

SuperVision mc is very user friendly operated by a joystick button.  

It is ideal for use at: Banks, post offices, currency exchange offices, trade centres, large retail shops, hotels, casinos, etc.



UV, multi-wavelength IR and colour-, magnetic-, laser- and thread-sensors
CountingAccepted notes, total value and detailed report
Available currencies
Contact BellCon
Max. installed     currencies8
Software/detection upgrade
Yes (by PC)
Feeder systemManual
Transport system
Friction type, motorized
Detection/counting speed2 notes per second
Banknote orientations
Currency upgradeYes (by activation code)
Stacker capacity
100 notes, orderly packed
Power supply
100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz (external adapter)
Power consumption
Max. 9,6 W (operation)
Max. 2,2 W (sleep)
30,3 x 18,7 x 11,5 cm
1,46 kg
Packing information
6 pcs.


SuperVision mc Multi currency banknote detector